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    Learning and Development

    Closing the skill gap with an LXP platform

    purple option lxp skill gap
    nitzan michman
    June 20, 2023
    3 min read
    purple option lxp skill gap

    An LXP platform could be the answer to unlocking your employees’ greatest potential. Learning experience platforms bridge the gap between skill and application. They create relevant opportunities for employees to develop skills and knowledge that they can begin using in the workplace almost immediately.

    By integrating the right LXP into your organization, you can bridge skill gaps both within and across departments, improve cross-functional productivity, and increase employee satisfaction along the way.

    The Importance of an LXP

    Using an LXP modernizes and streamlines professional development. Traditional learning strategies in the workplace can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Workshops require employees to set aside their time to participate, or stay overtime to learn essential new skills.

    The greatest drawback of traditional employee development methods is that they require a trade-off; businesses have to accept that there will be time away from day-to-day tasks whilst workers take time to partake in trainings and there is no guarantee that the teaching method is effective nor relevant or tailored for each employee.

    Enter the LXP, an interactive, personalized, asynchronous answer to skills training. With an LXP, employees get recommended content hand-selected for their career roadmap, whether that’s access to an online course, content created within the organization, or an e-book.

    The LXP uses a user-friendly dashboard to facilitate learning, and they allow L&D professionals to manage roadmaps, track progress, and distribute materials as needed.

    With an LXP, learning becomes both more flexible and intuitive. A tech-first approach to training ensures that employees are always able to access the most useful, up-to-date resources, and they are able to apply whatever they’re learning in meaningful ways that boost their career performance and satisfaction.

    How an LXP Closes Skills Gaps

    An LXP offers the ability to customize learning experiences based on both organizational and individual needs. It can serve as the onboarding hub for new hires, offer training for leadership, and handle the upskilling of employees at every level all in one.

    LXPs are equally beneficial for small businesses and large corporations, and they can seamlessly scale to suit the needs of your organization as they inevitably evolve.

    An interesting element of LXPs are their collaborative features. Knowledge sharing between employees promotes a culture of learning, inclusivity, and collaboration. Team members can forge new alliances with members from other divisions, and learn from each other’s skills as they develop their own strengths.

    In this regard, LXPs can actually lower training costs as they allow your business to leverage existing talent as a training tool.

    Whichever approach you choose, from knowledge sharing to digital courses, LXPs make it easier to address skills gaps from a personalized standpoint that leads to greater outcomes.

    Top Benefits of an LXP in the Workplace

    When you decide to adopt an LXP into your company, you open the door to features that add depth and dimension to your employees’ learning experiences.

    Through features like gamification, collaboration, interactive simulations, and personalized recommendations, LXPs make training and upskilling more impactful and relevant.

    Using an LXP can also provide:

    • Individualized learning paths to enrich employee development
    • Curated learning materials that employees can access on demand
    • Personal tracking to help employees measure progress
    • Integrated analytics and data that improve reporting

    Flexible and individualized, LXPs customize skills training to the utmost degree. By focusing on the experience as much as the content, L&Ps can ensure that employees get the most out of their training.

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