Measuring Business Impact

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Use customizable analytics dashboards, widgets and reports to measure the impact of learning and development on both your employees and your business. Gain relevant insights to make informed decisions.

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Tracking their development processes with us

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What could you gain?

Real time data

Demonstrating employees' engagement with their learning and developing processess

Check out the Trax case study

Effortless overseeing

Replace hours of manual work and scattered data with a consolidated analytics solution

Check out the Optival case study

How is it done?


Advanced analytics

Choose the events you would like to track and create a customizable analytics dashboard. Juno analytics were built for a dynamic and flexible use.



Utilize surveys to get insights into workforce needs. Track and manage your employees engagement and satisfaction over time



Gain a holistic view as all of your organization's learning and development efforts are being managed in just one platform.

Create The Analytics Dashboard of Your Dreams

Tailored analytics to measure impact through engagement

  • Create customized widgets and dashboards as you wish
  • Choose specific user actions and events you want to oversee from a wide range of events
  • Use filters and breakdowns to receive the most relevant analytics for your needs
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Keep Track of Employees' Learning Expenses

Oversee and manage learning budgets and requests

  • Easily follow the status of employees training and budgets
  • Track learners' activity and their use of internal & external content 
  • Gain full transparency over all requests for paid courses

Pinpoint What’s Impacting Your Employees’ Engagement

Gain insight into your employees learning processes to make informed business decisions 

  • Evaluate the quality of your learning processes with quizzes and surveys
  • Get to know new hires' time-to-productivity data, on-going trainings completion rates and certifications statuses
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Hear it from our customers

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"The most important thing for us is to allow our employees and managers to get access to all the personal development tools and needs in one place. We can see the analytics at any moment and track all the L&D activity in the organization, and that is extremely valuable for us"

Lucia Kerpel, Head of People @ Optival

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"Juno provides managers another tool in their toolbox to leverage in supporting their team members' growth by giving them visibility into all of the learning their team members are doing"

Laura Halonen, Career Development Manager @ Flipp

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