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Purchase all learning experiences, online and offline, and handle just one invoice at the end of the month, through the The Juno Wallet - A simplified, centralized and automated learning and development procurement process.

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Managing their learning budget with us

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What could you gain?


Of employees upskilling and reskilling every month

Check out the Prodware case study

4 in 1

Employee requests, budget allocation, expense management & invoicing - all combined into one platform

Check out the Flipp case study

How is it done?



Centralizing all learning expenses in one place to track budget


Flexible budget allocation

Customize budget allocation by department, individual, or the whole organization


An effective management system

Built-in requests and budget management tools, monitored using analytics dashboards

All Learning and Training Expenses in One Invoice

Save significant time by aligning budgets and expenses into one centralized platform

  • Reduce the administrative burden of tracking employees budgets across a range of platforms
  • Collate all learning & development expenses into just one invoice
  • Automate and streamline the way invoices are processed for courses and training
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Keep Track of Employees' Budgets and Learning

Never miss a thing, all learning analytics on employees' spending and learning gathered

  • Gain full transparency over content requests through our analytics dashboard and track trends in employee engagement
  • Export customized reports to view employees' requests and gain insights into what topics they consume most

One On-Demand Catalog, Hundreds of Providers

Ensure maximum exposure to learning content with minimum spending

  • Juno's on-demand catalog unlocks 1M+ courses from top providers for all employees
  • Cost effective: No need to commit to one specific content provider in advance
  • Provide professional development opportunities to all employees for all departments
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Employees Take Ownership of Their Professional Development

Empower employees to request content that aligns with their professional goals

  • A built-in request management system for customized content requests, saving managers processing time
  • Maximizes use of learning and development budgets for upskilling and reskilling of employees
  • A personalized recommendations engine and advanced filters to navigate courses right for you

Hear it from our customers

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״The most important thing for us is to allow our employees and managers to get access to all the personal development tools and needs in one place. We can see the analytics at any moment and track all the L&D activity in the organization, and that is extremely valuable for us״

Lucia Kerpel ,  Head of People @ Optival

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״Juno is an amazing tool that helps us give our individuals ownership to lead their development״

Reut Efroni , Senior Brand Marketing Manager @ Monday

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