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Survey, track and improve your employees engagement and satisfaction over time. With ready to use survey templates & automation tools, you can easily create and manage impactful surveys to make meaningful organization-wide changes.

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Engagement template library

Ready-to-use templates for surveys and performance reviews

Automated learning

Seamlessly insert surveys as part of the learning flow using automations

Survey analytics

Have a detailed overview of survey results to gain engagement insights backed by real time data

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Juno Journey for their training needs

One-Click Survey Solutions

  • Choose from a large variety of question types & send customized surveys in one click
  • Link your trainings to surveys by using automation, so you can receive fast & accurate feedback
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Get Insights Into Workforce Needs

Utilize surveys to make informed decisions

  • Measure the impact that a company initiative has on your employees’ overall satisfaction
  • Get a summary of survey results, or view each question/responder separately to pinpoint what’s impacting your employees engagement

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What steps of the employee onboarding training process can Juno Journey help with?

Juno Journey fully supports the employee onboarding process. You can create dynamic onboarding journeys using a versatile authoring tool, incorporating various content types like courses, SCORM files, tasks, quizzes, surveys, events, and meetings. Centralize materials, organize them into sections, add comprehension checks, and automate tasks based on hire details via HRIS integration. Additionally, utilize advanced analytics to track progress, identify obstacles, and set up automated reminders for a seamless onboarding experience.

Can Juno integrate with my existing systems?

Of course! We offer seamless integration solutions tailored to your specific business needs to help reduce friction and increase data accuracy.

Our list of integration solutions includes variety of HRIS/HCM systems, users’ Identity Provider (IDP), CRM, communication and project management softwares, and the list is constantly growing.

Which types of companies use Juno Journey’s onboarding and training software?

Our customers are extremely diverse – from large traditional businesses like Nestle and KLM to mid-size tech companies like Monday.com and all the way to small teams in any – size company, that need one tool to organize their learning and development.

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