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Survey, track and improve your employees engagement and satisfaction over time. With ready to use survey templates & automation tools, you can easily create and manage impactful surveys to make meaningful organization-wide changes.

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Tracking their employees engagement with us

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What could you gain?

Actionable insights

Connect data about your employees needs with their learning and development goals

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How is it done?


Engagement template library

Ready-to-use templates for surveys and performance reviews 


Automated learning

Seamlessly insert surveys as part of the  learning flow using automations


Survey analytics

Have a detailed overview of survey results to gain engagement insights backed by real time data

Get Insights Into Workforce Needs 

Utilize surveys to make informed decisions

  • Choose from a large variety of question types & send customized surveys in one click
  • Link your trainings to surveys by using automations, so you can receive fast & accurate feedback
  • Measure the impact that a company initiative has on your employees' overall satisfaction
  • Get a summary of survey results, or view each question/responder separately to pinpoint what’s impacting your employees engagement
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Hear it from our customers

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״Before Juno, we searched for one solution that would engage everyone in our organization to learn and share knowledge. We used an LMS that provided us with only 4% active users. With Juno, we have got more than 50%! Moreover, with Juno, managers and employees started contributing to that knowledgebase״

Tal Friedmann, Global Learning and Development Specialist @ Trax Retail


״By creating personalized development paths with Juno Journey, we have been able to create an employee centric learning approach at our organization, which has significantly boosted our employee engagement and satisfaction״

Mariam Koshadze, Knowledge Manager @ Prodware

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