​​Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) specifies the Support Services and level of support, to be provided by Juno as part of the Juno Journey Service Agreement (“Agreement”) between Juno and Customer.

Hours of Coverage

The Support Services shall be provided by email from 8:00AM- 11:59PM Israel time UTC/GMT +2, Monday – Friday, excluding Juno’s holidays (the “Business Hours” and “Business Days”, respectively). Where response times are specified in hours or days, they mean Business Hours and Business Days.

Scope of Support Services

Support requests shall be submitted to email address:  [email protected]

  • Response time shall be measured from receiving the support email
  • Response Time is the period from the time when the Customer sends its request until Juno responds to Customer.

Platform Availability

  • Commencing upon the Effective Date, the Platform will be available for Customer to connect to and use 24h/day, 7 days/week, and 365 days/year. Juno’s Service Availability commitment for a given calendar year is 99%, other than reasonable planned maintenance sessions coordinated in advance with Customer or coordinated sessions for fixing of bugs.

Severity Levels

All requests for support will be processed during regular Business Hours, and responded according to the associated response time set forth below:

Severity Level:


Description: Product is down or severely impacted such that routine operation is impossible.

Response time: Within one (1) hour.

Solution time: Juno will work to solve the problem until the Product returns to normal operation.


Description: Product is up and running but in a degraded or restricted capacity.

Response time: Within three (3) hours.

Solution time: Juno will work to solve the problem until the Product returns to normal operation.


Description: Product issue where minor functionality impacted.

Response time: Within four (4) hours.


Description: Request for information.

Response time:Within one (1) Business Day.