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We're committed to helping organizations align their employees' development with their business goals, and at Juno, we walk the talk. That's why our work is guided by core values such as accountability, leading by example, and data-driven decision making. We believe these values are essential in fostering a learning environment that is both productive and enjoyable, not only internally at Juno but also with the organizations we work with.

Our Journey to Becoming the Best L&D Solution

Juno Journey is a leading learning & development platform that is changing how organizations train their employees, partners, and customers. We are passionate about providing organizations with a wide range of features that can help them maximize the impact of their learning and development processes, while saving costs and time-to-productivity. This innovative approach was recognized by industry leaders and placed us in prestigious lists such as G2's One of the Best HR Products for 2023(!) or Craig Weiss's Top 10 Learning Systems in the World for 2023. 
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A Testimony to Our Commitment to Excellence

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We're Helping Employees Learn and Grow All Over the World

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The Visionaries Behind Juno Journey

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Dor Nachshoni
CEO, Co-Founder
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Ofer Ben Attar
CTO, Co-Founder
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Jeremie Israel
COO, Co-Founder
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Jonathan Korach
VP R&D, Co-Founder

Our Board & Investors

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