Customer & Platform Experience

Customer & Platform Experience


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Use external learning environments to manage all required enablement processes. Make your organization’s knowledge accessible to partners, clients, candidates, and incoming employees while keeping your company’s internal knowledge base secured.

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Why thousands of teams choose
Juno LXP for their training needs

For Customers

Ensure customers successfully know how to use your product, reaping its full value

  • Provide your customers with all the knowledge they need to use your product effectively
  • Manage customers’ learning processes with automations and notification tools
  • Maximize customer retention with Juno’s engaging platform
For Customers

For Partners

Enable partners to represent your brand and drive business growth

  • Create a partner academy to serve as a one-stop shop for training, support, and marketing materials
  • Tags and filters will allow your partners to easily navigate through the partner’s academy
  • Use private channels for different partners
For Partners

For Candidates and New-Hires

Create engaging hiring processes, while sharing your company’s culture and values with candidates

  • Provide information and learning materials through separate workspaces
  • Share content with new hires in their pre-onboarding, no need for a company email!
  • Limit the privacy risk of providing access to your main company knowledge base, by using separate workspaces for each cause
For Candidates and New-Hires

How your business can benefit from Juno Journey

  • Alignment

    Centralize all training knowledge into a convenient and accessible hub for your learners

  • Engaged stakeholders

    Juno’s intuitive tools are designed for engagement and encourage learning

  • Customized analytics

    Stay in the loop on how your learners are progressing with Juno’s analytics through reports, widgets, and dashboards

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