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Why thousands of teams choose Juno Journey

We eliminate organizational chaos by creating holistic professional journeys

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One of the best HR products in the world

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Learning management (LMS)

All your organization's knowledge - structured for onboarding, compliance, and enablement processes

  • Dynamic content editor, packed with features to create engaging learning experiences
  • A company academy with tags and filters for easy navigation
  • Journey shaped learning plans for employees, partners and customers
  • Customized analytics tools to oversee all ongoing learning processes
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Employee development

Helping your learners grow with a learning experience platform (LXP) designed to engage

  • On-demand catalog with 1M+ courses from top content providers
  • Use the Juno wallet to manage employees requests and budgets effortlessly & seamlessly
  • Promote talent development with skills mapping & career paths to ensure employees' upskilling
  • Measure and manage employee engagement with surveys
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Cost effectiveness

Save money and efforts with Juno’s holistic solution by consolidating all learning and development processes into just one platform

  • Juno’s LMS - to collate internal knowledge and manage onboarding, compliance and training plans
  • Juno’s LXP - for all your development procedures, offering professional content from top providers without pre-commitment to a specific content provider
  • Juno’s add-ons - for everything else! employees engagement, talent development and external enablement processes
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Works for every use case


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Knowledge Management

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Successfully growing their people with us

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