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    Employee Engagement and Retention

    10 Tips to Improve Your Employee Onboarding

    Stay aligned scaled
    Hadar Keren
    August 18, 2022
    3 min read
    Stay aligned scaled

    Companies are constantly in a battle to win the best talent, so retaining talent is more important than ever. Prospective employees see a few elements as key to whether or not they choose to join an organization. Some of these include instilling company culture from day one, aiming for streamlined productivity, and fast integration into the workplace.

    But attracting and retaining the best talent all comes down to the quality of your employee onboarding.

    Studies show that employees with a positive onboarding experience feel 18x more likely to be committed to their organization. Commitment relates directly to an employee’s propensity to leave; and if they’re engaged, that propensity is relatively low.

    For the best onboarding experience for your employees, we’ve put together some top strategies.

    Tip #1: Create  A Pre-onboarding

    Don’t wait until your new hire’s first day to get them excited about joining your company. Create a pre-onboarding to share with employees, providing them with all information they need before their first day –  brochures, guides, meeting the team and other materials about the company, including its mission, vision, and values. Encourage them to ask questions and offer feedback, so they feel included from the start.

    Tip #2: Give them a warm welcome 👋

    First impressions count! Make sure your new employee feels valued and welcome on their first day by preparing everything they need in advance on their desk including their laptop, passwords, ID, and a welcome package. Show them around the office, take them out for lunch, and send a company-wide message to welcome them aboard.

    This will not only make them feel welcome, but give them the opportunity to meet more teammates across the company.

    Tip #3: Join the club!

    Connecting with colleagues is essential for new hires to feel comfortable in their new work environment. Introduce them to the team, and assign a buddy who can answer their questions and help them adapt to the company’s processes and tools.

    Tip #4: Create a schedule and journey for your employee✔️

    Provide a clear and organized onboarding schedule and journey your employee should follow throughout their onboarding, so they know what they  should accomplish in their first two weeks and when their onboarding period is over. Make sure employees review their progress with their manager regularly and ask questions to ensure they feel comfortable in their new role.

    Tip #5: Create one-on-one meetings

    Provide new hires with the opportunity to meet with their manager or leadership team to ask questions and provide feedback. These meetings can help streamline the onboarding process and keep everyone on track.

    Tip #6: Pace the program well

    Don’t overload new hires with information. Instead, spread out the onboarding program into smaller chunks, so they can absorb the content better and feel inspired instead of stressed. Use automations for employees to be automatically sent new information when they complete each stage of their onboarding process. This way, you can ensure your new employee is receiving all relevant information, whilst saving you time sending it.

    Tip #7: Ask for frequent feedback

    Encourage new hires to share their feedback on the onboarding process, including any pain points they may have experienced, and areas where they would suggest improvements. Use their feedback to make adjustments and improve the process for future new hires.

    Tip #8: Familiarize them with tools and processes ⚒️🧰

    Make sure new employees are trained on the HR, productivity, and onboarding tools they will be using every day. Assist them in using these tools by giving them training, examples, and support.

    There you have it❗ Our top tips to onboard new hires successfully. Implementing these tips will ensure your new hires are engaged, productive, and ready to contribute from day one.

    To conclude

    The secret to successful employee onboarding is to have everything integrated and consolidated on one platform while being enthusiastic and transparent with new hires. This way, your employees know exactly what is expected of them and where they can find relevant info all in one place.

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