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A unified, easy-to-use knowledge hub for your organization, with the ability to create and structure any learning materials into effective learning paths.

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Managing their learning processes with us

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What could you gain?

Over 100%

Increase in employee engagement with internal knowledge resources compared to other learning systems

Check out the Trax case study


Of learners use Juno to create and learn on a monthly basis

Check out the Kion case study

How is it done?


Centralized knowledge

Hosting all internal learning materials in one learning hub


Organizational tools

Use journey-shaped processes, channels, groups and automations to create a comprehensive learning experience


A user friendly platform

Includes an intuitive free text editor to create and share content amongst your organization

All Learning Materials In One Company Academy

Establish a comprehensive knowledge base centralizing all internal learning materials 

  • Create alignment across the company’s knowledge
  • Save time and effort by finding relevant learning materials with smart filtering and tagging options
  • Gain clear insights into employees use of content using analytics dashboards
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Streamline Learning Materials Into Journeys

Structure scattered materials into ongoing training and learning paths

  • Maximize the effectiveness of learning processes with automated ongoing journeys, simply organized from the company’s internal materials
  • Tracking learning processes becomes a piece of cake with automatic notifications and customizable dashboards for analytics

Manage Knowledge Easily With Channels & Groups

Create knowledge hubs within your organization to increase productivity

  • Enable each team and department to maintain its own knowledge base
  • Promote internal knowledge creation and create a knowledge-sharing culture
  • Enhance professional development opportunities by facilitating the sharing and recommending of compelling articles, podcasts, videos, and courses among peers
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Hear it from our customers

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״I needed to get to know my new team' members and to share knowledge with them. I decided to use Juno Journey to create a group of mentors and learners and to build an easy-to-follow knowledge sharing platform. The platform is easy to use and it is based on an intuitive design. I can easily monitor and measure my team' members progress״

Veronika Melnik, Game Designer

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״Juno Journey revolutionized the way we create content, from a push and pull system between employees and managers, to a fully collaborative system. Juno has enabled us to be more connected than ever״

Gabriel Joiner, Learning & Development Lead @ Kion

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