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Compliance & 
Regulation Training

Effortlessly automate and manage compliance training via desktop or mobile. Use auto-assignment, analytics and quizzes to ensure employees understand and complete mandatory trainings on time.

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Pre-made templates

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A rich templates library

With 50+ pre-made templates for different learning needs, including compliance, with 2000+ uses amongst our clients


Use nudges and auto-assignment for your compliance processes to save hours of manual work

Analytics dashboards

Keep track of completion rates for all compliance processes in real time

Companies that make an impact with us

Why thousands of teams choose
Compliance & 
Regulation Training for their training needs

One Shared Hub For Everything Compliance

Make learning the right materials easy

  • Use the premade template library to put together crucial training materials that fit your organization’s needs
  • Import existing SCORM compliance materials or other media types such as PDF, video, images and more
  • Drive your team’s enablement with our effortless content-creator
  • Assign compliance courses to all employees or to specific groups

Manage All Compliance Processes

Easily handle all aspects of compliance regulations

  • Construct seamless and organized compliance processes
  • Collect signatures and approvals ensuring employees are up to date with compliance requirements
  • Use learning automations and nudges to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks such as reminding employees to complete courses

Align All Stakeholders On Compliance Regulations

Provide access to knowledge in one click

  • Create a parallel workspace environment for partners
  • Effortlessly communicate need-to-know information with your deskless employees via text message
  • Easily assign training to your deskless workforce even when they’re on the go

Keep Track of Training

Tracking, reporting and analyzing employee progress made easy

  • Oversee compliance analytics with customized dashboards or export data to excel
  • Track who has completed compliance obligations and who is still required to
  • Use the quiz feature to ensure employees understand essential policies

Design your people’s success with us

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Frequently asked questions

Can Juno’s compliance training software automate re-certifications?

Absolutely! Juno’s advanced automation features let you streamline re-certifications by automatically assigning periodic compliance training based on expiration dates, ensuring your employees maintain up-to-date credentials effortlessly.

What is compliance training software?

Compliance training software is a platform that helps organizations ensure their employees understand and follow regulations, ethical standards, and company policies. It reduces the risk of legal issues and reputational damage through features like a pre-built template library, tracking and reporting tools, and certification capabilities.

What different types of compliance training does Juno offer?

Juno provides pre-built compliance templates covering a broad range of topics, including security & data protection, anti-sexual harassment, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). These templates are easily adaptable to your company’s specific needs.

We also collaborate with several respected compliance content providers, such as Diversity Movement and Traliant, who offer readily available DEI compliance journeys and engaging, curated libraries of compliance materials.

What kinds of companies use Juno’s compliance training platform?

Our customers are extremely diverse – from large traditional businesses like KLM to mid-size tech companies like OwnBackup and Neopollard and to small teams in any – size company, that need one tool to organize their compliance training.

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