Juno LXP

Learning Experience Platform

Juno LXP

Personalized Learning Experience Platform, Tailored to Your Workforce Needs

Lead your company development efforts with a customized skill-building platform, designed for both micro and macro-learning. Unleash the power of a generative AI-based search algorithm to find the best and most relevant content for your employees, from qualified providers only. Reduce and streamline budget allocation and request processes.

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One of the best HR products in the world

Badge for Best Learning and Development System 2023-2024 by The Craig Weiss Group

Why thousands of teams choose 
Juno Journey for their training software needs

Unlock unlimited access to courses

Minimize costs while maximizing learning exposure

  • AI-Powered search engine reaches the most updated and relevant courses, filtered to present only top-quality content
  • Endless amounts of free content
  • Save costs! purchase content as you need it without committing to a specific provider
  • Optimize learning with an AI recommendations engine, designed to suit the skills and needs of each learner
  • Enable employees to submit purchasing requests for any content they find, online and offline
On-Demand Catalog

One place, All expenses

Keep track of employees learning expenses and budgets

  • Save significant time by aligning budgets and expenses into one centralized learning platform
  • Control learning budgets and expenses, track requests and manage expenses through one invoice
  • A flexible way to allocate budgets based on the department, position, individual or company-wide
Budget Management

Empower employees to create a culture of learning

Encourage collaborative learning with flexible and efficient channels

  • Build on each other’s skills by sharing relevant courses with your team
  • Save time by tagging channels with specific skills, automatically suggesting relevant courses for employees in these channels to explore
  • Maintain flexibility with channel policies and permissions – you decide who can add content and view recommendations

Acquire insights into workforce learning

Seamlessly review what courses your employees are learning and track their progress

  • Gain full transparency and easily manage content requests through our analytics dashboard and track trends in employee engagement
  • Export customized reports to view employees’ requests and expenses and gain insights into what topics they consume most
Analytics Tools

How your business can benefit from the Juno Journey LXP

  • What’s in it for HRs?

    • Unlocking new knowledge for employees
    • Streamline employee development
    • Gain control and transparency over employee spending
    • Enhance employee retention and satisfaction
  • What’s in it for employees?

    • Taking control of their own development and growth
    • Access to a wide range of training and development opportunities
    • Acquiring new skills and knowledge
    • A sense of support and investment from their organization
  • What’s in it for managers?

    • Setting up and monitoring actionable career pathways for team members
    • Closing knowledge and skill gaps that impede business goals
    • Improving performance and productivity
    • Creating a culture of learning and development to engage, motivate, and retain top talent

Shaping the perfect L&D culture for

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  • Workspaces

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  • Surveys

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with success services?

One of our main values is providing customers what they need in order to make the most out of Juno, and we know nothing can replace the human touch. Every customer has a customer success representative for strategic guidance and hands-on implementation.

Which types of companies use Juno Journey?

Our customers are extremely diverse – from large traditional business like Nestle and KLM to mid-size tech companies like Monday.com and Gong.io and all the way to small teams in any-sized company, that need one tool to organize their learning and development.

Which types of industries is Juno Journey right for?

Juno is right for any company that wants to eliminate learning operational chaos and understand that the way to do that is by empowering its people to take control over the process themselves.

This includes tech companies, office workers and deskless line workers – Juno has a customizable solution for every industry.

Does Juno Journey also create content?

Yes! We over 100s of rich templates for you to base your courses on, and if you want more – we have a huge marketplace of external content material. Just in case you want even more – we’ve partnered with several of the world’s top learning content creators to provide you with a platform + content package, just ask your rep.

Will you integrate with my existing systems?

Of course! Juno was built to smoothly and easily integrate with your existing systems.

What are you data protection policies?

We at Juno are dedicated to providing the highest level of privacy for our customers, please check out our privacy policyGDPR and California privacy rights pages for more information.

Privacy Preference Center