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Onboarding Learning Management System

The Ultimate Onboarding Experience

Welcome new hires with a clear, coherent and tailored onboarding experience. Say goodbye to scattered information and enjoy seamless and automated learning journeys, engaging training materials and trackable analytics.

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How is it done?

Centralized knowledge

Hosting all onboarding materials across your organization in one place

Automated learning pathways

A journey-shaped onboarding process creating a comprehensive learning experience

Customized analytics dashboards

Progress & engagement measurement tools to ensure learners are on track with onboarding procedures

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Juno Journey for their onboarding and training needs

Design Structured Onboarding Journeys

  • Streamline and automate onboarding journeys to centralize all resources into one accessible online space
  • Improve employees time to productivity, meaning they are up to speed in no time
  • Ensure employees progress seamlessly with smooth, smart automation tools
Onboarding Journeys

Effortless creation for more engaging learning experiences

  • Keep employees engaged throughout the onboarding process
  • Utilize a rich template library, that can be customized to meet your organizations needs
  • Create new materials using our intuitive authoring tool or by importing existing materials
  • Use Juno’s tools to monitor the quality of your onboarding process – checking points, surveys and quizzes
Juno journey

See how employees are getting along and track their time to productivity

  • Use customizable analytics dashboards to keep track of employees’ progress
  • Nudge users to complete outstanding trainings
  • Define milestones to determine success throughout the onboarding journey
  • Evaluate and optimize onboarding processes using internal benchmarks from your organization
Track and Manage

Easily automate manual tasks

  • Set automatic reminders, assignments, and nudges for a seamless process
  • Synchronize your meetings calendar with an onboarding journey, automatically scheduling required meetings for new hires
  • Automatically connect surveys to measure engagement, satisfaction, and effectiveness of your onboarding journeys
Juno journey

Design your people’s success with us

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Design your people’s success with us

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