Internal Training & Enablement

Skills & Talent Development

Promote learning within your company, boost engagement and enable your employees to excel in their roles.

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Why thousands of teams choose 
Juno Journey for their training needs

Empower Staff With Effective Training

Seamlessly relay all knowledge to employees

  • Centralize courses and journeys into one company academy, ensuring all employees have access to all the relevant knowledge they need in order to acquire new skills
  • Structure impactful multi-step learning journeys for a seamless learning experience
  • Encourage knowledge sharing through channels and help teams to utilize their personal learning time best

Enable Your Learners

Establish strong knowledge foundations for your employees

  • Provide all employees with the tools they need to excel in their roles
  • Use content from external top learning providers to enrich your enablement processes
  • Convey training and enablement processes in an effective and structured manner, ensuring employees remain informed of organizational guidelines

Oversee Learning Processes

Always remain in the loop on how your learners are progressing

  • Check up on which employees have or haven’t completed their trainings
  • Identify skills gaps in your workforce to adapt your training strategy
  • Automate learning journeys, creating a seamless flow between various courses

How your business can benefit from Juno Journey

  • Company academy

    Centralize all training knowledge into a convenient and accessible location for your organization

  • Intuitive learning tools

    Utilize the no-code editor, channels and groups to best equip your employees with all the materials they need to excel in their roles

  • Quizzes and analytics

    Keep track, measure and evaluate the quality of your learning processes

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Additional Products

  • Workspaces

    A parallel knowledge environment for all your clients, pre-onboarders and partners

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    For Partners

    Best fit for:

    Companies that need a better way to share company knowledge with external collaborators without compromising on privacy

  • Surveys

    Get insight into workforce needs with surveys so that you can make informed decisions backed by real-time data

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    Best fit for:

    Companies that want to connect their employee analytics & engagement operations with the learning processes that fuel them

  • Juno LMS

    Reach maximum productivity with a learning management system designed for engagement

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    Best fit for:

    Companies that need an effective and engaging way to organize, structure and measure the impact of onboarding, training and enablement processes

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