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Use external learning environments to manage all required enablement processes. Make your organization’s knowledge accessible to partners, clients, candidates, and incoming employees while keeping your company’s internal knowledge base secured.

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What could you gain?



Centralize all training knowledge into a convenient and accessible hub for your learners


Engaged stakeholders

Juno’s intuitive tools are designed for engagement and encourage learning


Customized analytics

Stay in the loop on how your learners are progressing with Juno’s analytics through reports, widgets, and dashboards

For Customers

Ensure customers successfully know how to use your product, reaping its full value

  • Provide your customers with all the knowledge they need to use your product effectively
  • Manage customers’ learning processes with automations and notification tools
  • Maximize customer retention with Juno's engaging platform
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For Partners

Enable partners to represent your brand and drive business growth

  • Create a partner academy to serve as a one-stop shop for training, support, and marketing materials
  • Tags and filters will allow your partners to easily navigate through the partner's academy
  • Use private channels for different partners

For Candidates and New-Hires

Create engaging hiring processes, while sharing your company’s culture and values with candidates

  • Provide information and learning materials through separate workspaces
  • Share content with new hires in their pre-onboarding, no need for a company email!
  • Limit the privacy risk of providing access to your main company knowledge base, by using separate workspaces for each cause
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Hear it from our customers

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״Juno Journey revolutionized the way we create content, from a push and pull system... to a fully collaborative system. Juno has enabled us to be more connected than ever״

Gabriel Joiner, Learning & Development Lead @ Kion

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״We had to onboard 100 new hires remotely and connect them directly with their teams objectives and workflow. Using Juno's onboarding path we decreased the time and manpower involved by 20% and we were able to finalize the process within a month״

Hili Bezalel, HR & OD expert @ Kaltura

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