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Reach maximum productivity with a learning management system designed for engagement

Master your organization's learning processes with Juno LMS. Seamless learning journeys, internal knowledge hubs, automation tools and a dynamic content authoring for effective and engaging training processes.

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Endless possibilities with Juno LMS


Knowledge sharing

Content creation

Company catalog


Learning Journeys

Why thousands of teams chooseJuno Journey for their training needs

Create more engaging training materials

Juno’s dynamic content authoring tool was designed to engage

  • Open to everyone in your organization to create, edit and share content
  • Use templates with suggested content for a quick start
  • Integrate various resources, media types and content elements, all in one course
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Journey-shaped pathways for impactful learning

Connect resources and learning materials together into comprehensive learning experiences

  • Streamline and automate onboarding, compliance, and internal training processes
  • Increase training completion rates and speed up time-to-productivity
  • Encourage employees to progress seamlessly with nudges, notifications and quizzes.
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A unified knowledge hub for your organization

Collate your organization’s scattered materials into one internal knowledge base

  • Create alignment across the company’s knowledge
  • Save time and effort searching for materials with smart filtering
  • Motivate learning by sharing and recommending courses to team mates
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Gain insights into workforce needs

Managing learning processes becomes a piece of cake

  • Real-time data reflected into reports, widgets and dashboards
  • Make informed decisions & adjustments to your training processes
  • Evaluate the quality of content through built-in quizzes, touchpoints and certificates
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"Before Juno we searched for one solution that will engage everyone in our organization to learn and share knowledge. We used an LMS that provided us with only 4% monthly active users. With Juno, we have got more than 50%! Moreover, with Juno managers and employees started contributing to that knowledgebase"

Tal Friedmann, Global Learning and Development Specialist @ Trax Retail


Increase in employee engagement using Juno!

What’s in it for HRs?

  • Reduced administrative burden and streamlined training initiatives, saving time and effort
  • Improved understanding of training program effectiveness by gaining insights and identifying areas for improvement
  • Simplified internal training management and better measurement of business impact
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What’s in it for employees?

  • Enhanced training and learning experiences, using customized and captivating learning journeys
  • The ability to take an active part in the development of learning processes
  • A vibrant & engaging learning culture, enabling the creation, collaboration and distribution of courses and articles

What’s in it for managers?

  • Capability to monitor essential competencies and expertise required for employees to perform their duties efficiently
  • Real time data on employee performance, to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses
  • The ability to enhance your supervision with Juno's surveys add-on
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Integrate all of your systems into one platform

See all your data and content in one place

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How you can use Juno LMS


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Supporting all of your learning & training efforts!

A dedicated  strategy and support team will make sure you get the full potential out of Juno’s platform to reach business objectives.

Product add-ons


A parallel knowledge environment for all your clients, pre-onboarders and partners

Best fit for:

Companies that need a better way to share company knowledge with external collaborators without compromising on privacy

Company Academy 7


Get insight into workforce needs with surveys so that you can make informed decisions backed by real-time data

Best fit for:

Companies that want to connect their employee analytics & engagement operations with the learning processes that fuel them

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Frequently Asked Questions

Juno Journey is a learning & development operations system that enables organizations to design their employees’ professional success by providing them with best-in-class tools to onboard, train, develop and engage their people automatically and in a personalized way.

Juno is the only solution in the market that connects all the dots throughout the employee lifecycle, eliminating the costly chaos that always accompanies processes that are managed across multiple disconnected systems. This gives HRs, managers and the employees themselves control & alignment over professional development in the company.

Juno offers a wide range of functions such as a company academy, template center, effortless content editor, personalized career path and +1M E-learning resources such as LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Udemy, and many more, so that companies across different industries (tech, banking, retail, construction and more), with different needs, can provide each of their employees a clear growth journey that’s just right for them.

Since some companies do not need a solution that covers every aspect of the employee lifecycle, Juno was built as a flexible, modular, operations system that can be broken-down into multiple different products, with each product dedicated to optimizing a specific aspect of the learning & development journey.

Our customers are extremely diverse – from large traditional businesses like Nestle and KLM to mid-size tech companies like Monday.com and all the way to small teams in any – size company, that need one tool to organize their learning and development.

One of our main values is providing customers with what they need in order to make the most out of Juno, and we know nothing can replace the human touch. Every customer has a dedicated customer success representative for strategic guidance and hands-on implementation.

Juno is right for any company that wants to eliminate learning operational chaos and understands that the way to do that is by empowering its people to take control of the process themselves.

This includes tech companies, office workers, and deskless line workers – Juno has a customizable solution for every industry.

Yes! Juno has a rich template center that allows you to choose ready-made templates.
You can also use our super-friendly and dynamic content editor to create your own content in the form of courses, blogs, and journeys.

If you want more, you can always add Juno LXP, Juno’s Learning Experience Module, which provides you and your employees the ability to access learning materials from more than 120 external content providers.

Of course! We offer seamless integration solutions tailored to your specific business needs to help reduce friction and increase data accuracy.

Our list of integration solutions includes variety of HRIS/HCM systems, users’ Identity Provider (IDP), CRM, communication and project management softwares, and the list is constantly growing.

We at Juno are dedicated to providing the highest level of privacy for our customers, please check out our privacy policy, GDPR and California privacy rights pages for more information.

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