See how Rapyd, a global fintech leader, transformed their learning processes to drive employee and organizational success while cultivating a culture of professional learning and development

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With Rapyd, your business can accept and send payments to just about anyone—faster, cheaper and easier. Rapyd clients see an average of 196% return on investment and spend 70% less time managing payments.

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The Result


engagement rate among Rapyd employees in the Money Talks professional training program


of Rapyd employees rated their Juno onboarding experience 5 stars


Effectively managed onboarding processes for over 400 employees across 10 sites during hypergrowth

The Goals

How can we create an impactful learning experience with Juno?

Rapyd emphasized their aim to create one aligned internal professional training process for all employees, regardless of their department or position. This would ensure they understand the ins and outs of the payment and fintech industry.

Although this is not something which is pivotal to all roles, Rapyd felt it could provide valuable insights to all, having a significant business impact.

The Сhallenges

Alignment of non-experienced employees

Difficulty aligning all employees in the fintech industry, many of them did not come from this background of work.

One training to fit all

A struggle to create one material that would suit all departments' needs

Lack of financial knowledge within departments

specifically in departments such as R&D where this knowledge was not pivotal to their work.

Tracking training progress

Inability to effectively ensure that all employees were completing training and quizzes to track their progress.

The Solutions

Professional Training – The Money Talks Program

Align all employees on industry knowledge

  • Built a comprehensive learning journey to provide all Rapyd employees worldwide with extra industry insights in order to excel in their roles.
  • All learning materials can be found in one centralized space, and referred back to throughout.
  • Track employee learning to ensure they complete trainings and test their industry knowledge using quizzes throughout the learning journey.

Juno LMS

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Automations and Nudges

Nudges and notifications driving engagement with trainings

  • Automatically assigned all employees with the relevant trainings and for new employees, ensure they received it automatically, immediately after their onboarding, in a training sequence.
  • Use nudges to keep employees on track and notify them to complete or continue unfinished training processes.

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