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    Learning and Development

    When is the right time to invest in an LMS?

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    Ethan Israel
    December 21, 2022
    3 min read
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    LMS, or learning management systems, are often used by companies that want to onboard and train a large number of employees as quickly and efficiently as possible. A dedicated LMS is seen by many as a corporate luxury, but it’s not just for massive enterprises.

    An LMS keeps all your training material in one place, tracks employee progress, and ensures documentation is always exactly where it needs to be.

    Learning management systems can work just as well for growing businesses as corporations. It all depends on the maturity of your organization, and your goals for the future.

    Is your company ready for an LMS?

    • want an easy way to train our employees?
    • want to make onboarding a more streamlined, fun experience?
    • want a cost-effective solution for all our training needs?
    • want access to the best training material available?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then an LMS could be a great fit for your business. As for whether it’s time to invest, you must consider the size of your business, your training needs, and your long-term goals.

    Extremely small businesses (under 10 employees) likely don’t need an LMS at this stage. They are still capable of overseeing all their training individually and managing it without too much difficulty.

    However, there are still some small businesses that find an LMS does benefit them. It allows them to keep everything related to onboarding and professional development in one central location. Instead of trying to juggle different courses, certificates, and objectives, all they have to do is turn to their dashboard.

    When You Should Invest in an LMS

    You Already Have Training and Development Strategies

    If you already know what you want to teach your employees, then an LMS like Juno Journey is a great investment. You can create courses in minutes and set up a collaborative learning environment in under an hour.

    It’s easy to assign tasks to different employees, and your HR pros can always see their progress. If someone has questions, reaching out and getting answers is easy.

    The key here is that you already have a set purpose for your training. You have clear goals, expectations, and training material that you want to centralize for improved outcomes.

    You’re Looking to Expand Your Company

    Companies preparing to take on new hires can benefit from an LMS through onboarding and beyond. An LMS can make introducing new hires to your company a lot easier; it also provides them with resources that help them navigate their new careers and grow within their positions more easily.

    Automations and integrations allow you to pair Juno Journey LMS with all your favorite software, like Slack and Google Suite. New hires will be able to find their footing without a problem, and always have access to the best resources to complete their training.

    Your Current Training Feels All Over the Place

    If your current training includes a convoluted array of emails, links, PDFs, and folders, it’s time to modernize. An LMS takes away all the hassle and organizes your company’s training materials and data in one secure location.

    What’s more, it’s easy for learners anywhere to access their training, and pick up where they left off. Whether they’re on their laptop or working from home on a mobile device, an LMS will keep everything organized and easy to access.

    Learn More About What an LMS Can Do for Your Business

    Explore our site to learn more about how our learning management system works. From easy onboarding to software training, Juno Journey is there to make growing your business engaging and rewarding.

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