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    The future of work

    How to Plan for The Future of Work in 2023

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    Ethan Israel
    December 20, 2022
    3 min read
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    There are two major trends that will shape work in the coming year:

    1. Hybrid and remote work
    2. In-depth skills training

    Remote work started as a necessity, but now, it’s a commodity. The future of work after covid-19 will include greater flexibility and personalization for employees. People realized during the pandemic that a lot of jobs can be done at home. And they now know they don’t have to be confined to an office space to have a fulfilling career.

    However, not all companies can be run 100% remotely. They need in-office workers, at least part-time. That’s where hybrid work comes in. Hybrid work benefits employees as much as businesses.

    A hybrid schedule lets people enjoy all the resources of an office while still making time for their families and hobbies.

    With an estimated 9 out of 10 companies requiring people to return to the office in 2023, expect a lot of pushback from workers who know that there are plenty of organizations that will give them greater flexibility.

    Companies will have to reconsider how they let people work if they want to attract and retain talent in 2023. Speaking of which…

    Hiring Challenges Will Need Action Plans ASAP

    If you’re in charge of your organization’s hiring process, it’s time to develop a new recruitment strategy. The “Great Resignation” has peaked and begun to fall. But it’s left thousands of businesses with major skills gaps and vacancies.

    How do companies attract people to the same roles others left? By increasing company culture, and creating a new type of environment.

    You have to understand why people resigned in the first place. And what employees want in 2023. Things like remote opportunity, insurance coverage, and mental health support are all at the top of workers’ wish lists.

    The future of work will place a greater emphasis on company culture. Businesses big and small will have to practice what they preach. And they’ll have to use social media to illustrate what their workplace is truly all about.

    According to page five of LinkedIn’s Ultimate List of Employer Brand Statistics, 75% of people will research a company’s reputation before applying to a job opening. That means anything that turns up in an online search has the potential to attract or deter talent.

    Make sure that you’re optimizing your brand image, creating meaningful content, and showcasing your business’s values as part of your 2023 recruitment strategy.

    Soft Skills and Employee Training Will Be Top Priorities

    Soft skills are what make someone a better leader, and a more efficient worker. Someone needs to be able to effectively communicate. Even in remote settings collaboration, decision making, and problem solving are all critical to your bottom line.

    HR will be looking to future-proof their businesses by training soft skills more than hard ones. They’ll be taking advantage of the opportunity to nurture these qualities in their team, so they can grow from them in the future.

    Skills in management, leadership, and creativity will become especially valuable in our shifting marketplace. It’s hard to say, for example, when a recession will hit, and how bad it will be. Companies that want to come out on top will need employees who are already trained to adapt and innovate.

    Start Planning for the Future of Work Now

    The great thing about the future is that it isn’t set in stone. We have the chance to shape it to our liking. Setting your own goals is just as important as staying on top of trends.

    Take inventory of your organization’s most pressing needs — and most likely challenges. Then, you can create a strategy that supports your growth and success, all while navigating any potential obstacles.

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