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    Employee Onboarding

    Employee Onboarding Tips and Tricks

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    Hadar Keren
    November 16, 2022
    3 min read
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    Onboarding is your chance to make the best first impression on new hires. Your onboarding process sets the tone for someone’s career, and establishes their connection to your company culture. With a great onboarding strategy, you can make every new hire feel welcomed and included from day one.

    Juno’s onboarding solutions make joining your team fun and rewarding. We’ve drawn from our philosophy to craft some of our favorite tips and tricks for making your new employees feel at home in your organization.

    1. Start With Pre-onboarding

    Pre-boarding allows the employee to get a head start before their first day. HR can reach out to them with a welcome package and important next steps. This can include gathering information for taxes, health insurance, and payroll.

    Being able to complete documents ahead of time allows the employee to show up on their first day with less on their plate. Instead of getting bogged down by paperwork, they can focus solely on diving right into their training.

    The same goes for any necessary equipment or software they’ll need; send them everything ahead of time, so they’ve got all the tools for success ready to go.

    2. Make Sure Their New Team Welcomes Them Warmly

    The manager should reach out to new hires on their first day and show them the ropes. Then, they should introduce them to their team. This goes for both in-house and remote positions. When you set them up in the group Slack chat, give them a shoutout, and include fun emojis and gifs.

    Management involvement is fundamental to new hire onboarding; it gives employees a sense of recognition, and offers them a chance to ask questions right off the bat. Even if they’ll be working under a different supervisor, management should greet new hires and have a “hand off” to their new team.

    3. Play Team-building Games

    Whether it’s on Zoom or an in-house meeting, teams can get to know one another through fun games. Consider icebreaker games for the office that make it easier for people to open up to one another.

    You may have employees play two truths and a lie, where they make three statements about themselves, and the other members of the group have to guess which one is false. You could also have a 10 or 15-minute roundtable session where everyone answers icebreaker questions.

    4. Make It Personal

    Employee onboarding should feel individual. Every person’s work journey is unique, and your welcoming should celebrate their adventure. They’re starting a new chapter in their lives, and onboarding is page one of their story within your company.

    A lack of personalization can make new hires feel out of place and even isolated among their new team. Make sure that you go out of your way to include personal touches wherever you can; periodically check in with them to discuss their progress and offer guidance.

    5. Think of Their Onboarding Like a Ladder

    Give new hires time to acclimate to your company’s culture and learn the ins and outs of their new jobs. They should progress through different levels of onboarding, which culminate in having all the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to thrive.

    Implementing milestones is a good way to make sure employees are learning what they need to. It also helps you provide greater support at the most pivotal moments of someone’s training.

    Juno Journey: Make Onboarding Matter

    Successful onboarding takes strategic planning, and Juno is here to help your company create the best experience for its employees. Create the best first impression by using a personalized onboarding platform.

    Our software is designed to help your organization onboard, engage, and inspire new hires every step of their journey. Built-in metrics also make it easy for you to see how employees are progressing, and give them personalized coaching and feedback.

    Schedule a demo with Juno today to explore the difference the right onboarding solutions can make.

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