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    What is employee success?

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    nitzan michman
    March 5, 2023
    4 min read
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    No matter what their job is, every employee wants to succeed. Many employers only tend to focus on performance when it’s low, rather than prioritizing growth and optimizing outcomes.

    By learning about the definition of employee success, you can help create greater opportunities for your team to thrive and continue winning.

    To understand the role of success in the workplace, we’ll start with a definition. Then, we’ll touch upon why employee success matters, and why it’s one of the most valuable things you can invest in as an employer.

    How do you define employee success?

    Employee success is the act of empowering, inspiring, and motivating your employees throughout their careers with your company.

     Like employee engagement, success requires continual investment on your part. The more you give to your employees, the more they can achieve.

    The goal of any employee success initiative is to give every individual what they need to thrive in the workplace. Their core resources and tools will vary by position, but the crux of their success is always the same; your primary goal is to make sure each person feels content with where they are and excited about how they’ll grow in the future.

    Investing in professional development allows you to transform employee success into a valuable corporate asset. You can leverage training opportunities to boost retention levels, strengthen company culture, and deepen employee loyalty.

    When you think of success from this standpoint, it’s easier to see how much flexibility there is in achieving it. Rather than being viewed as a one-time goal, you instead learn to manage it as an ongoing process that’s constantly evolving.

    Why Employee Success Matters for Every Organization

    Your business is only as profitable as your employees are productive. And productivity tends to stem from three core factors:

    • Engagement
    • Motivation
    • Opportunity

    Employee success focuses on all three of these elements. It helps individuals succeed more in their daily tasks as well as improve their skills for the future.

    Successful employees are more interested in the work they do, and they feel a greater sense of passion and purpose in their jobs. Rather than passively perform a to-do list, they take initiative, offer new ideas, and ideate more.

    Deeper involvement in the workplace also leads to greater collaboration among teams and across departments. A connected organization is able to identify opportunities and implement new strategies much more efficiently than a disjointed one.

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    How to Set Your Employees Up to Succeed

    Environment plays a large factor in success. Research shows that the quality of the workplace greatly impacts creativity, motivation, enthusiasm, and efficiency. Therefore, if you want to improve employee success, you have to first ask how your company is creating opportunity in the first place.

    Positive, healthy work environments are built on inclusivity, diversity, and cooperation. These elements help people achieve their own goals while working together for the greater good of the company.

    A common pitfall in modern work culture is focusing solely on the business’s achievements. People who feel as though they are merely a small piece of a large puzzle can feel more disconnected and less motivated.

    Success, then, stems from fostering a sense of meaningful work. When people notice that their contributions matter, they are far more likely to perform better. In successful work environments, people have access to the resources they need to do their jobs and excel at them.

    Be sure to talk to your employees about how they are feeling and see what positive changes you can make for their benefit. Feedback is everything! Check this out 👇

    How to Survey Your Employees


    Final Thoughts

    Understanding employee success is only the tip of the iceberg. Now, you can begin to explore what success might look like at various levels. For example, how can you help set employees up for success in their onboarding? What can you do to help mid-level and senior employees grow?

    These questions can’t be answered in a day, but they are worth investigating. One of the best ways to understand more is to request employee feedback. When you know what would make them feel fulfilled, it’s much easier to support their career goals.


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