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    Employee Engagement and Retention

    How to Increase Employee Productivity

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    Ethan Israel
    December 7, 2022
    3 min read
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    According to a poll by Gallup, only 34% of U.S. workers feel engaged in their jobs. What does this mean? We think engagement is about feeling excited and engrossed in what you’re doing. It’s having clear goals set in place and knowing the steps necessary to reach them. We like to think of engagement as a journey, one where you’re just as happy about the adventure as the destination.

    While many employers aren’t always sure how to increase engagement, they always notice when there isn’t enough in their organization. Reduced productivity is the biggest sign that people aren’t as connected to their jobs as you want them to be (and as they probably wish they were.)

    So, in this post, we’ll be tackling how to improve employee productivity by looking at ways to increase engagement.

    Create Greater Learning Opportunities

    We’ve likely all felt “stuck” in our jobs at some point, and we know how frustrating it is to try and get over the hump. While personal motivation is important, employer opportunity is equally essential.

    Creating new opportunities for your employees to learn, develop, and grow makes them feel like they have something to look forward to. Giving your team learning opportunities through courses and training shows them that you care about their job satisfaction, and you’re willing to invest in their career development.

    When people are able to improve on the job, they feel more motivated to work harder too. They want to put what they’ve learned into practice, and they take more pride in doing their best because they’ve worked hard to learn the skills and knowledge they have.

    Emphasize Company Culture

    Company culture has to be put into practice. Any organization can write a list of values, but if you aren’t living them out every day, they can’t benefit your team. Promote a culture that encourages personal development, teamwork, and relationship building.

    Instead of focusing on climbing ranks or external accomplishments, showcase the importance of working together to support each other’s goals and individual journeys.

    When people feel like they belong, they have even greater reason to work harder. They want to help their team succeed. And they want to do their best, because they know that makes their entire company better, too.

    Align Goals with Performance

    If goals feel too out-of-reach, people will lose the motivation to achieve them. And if they’re too focused on getting the “optimal” output, performance anxiety can cause their productivity to diminish.

    The best way to prioritize productivity is to make sure your goals coincide with everyday actions. This way, people can go to work and know that they’ve done something meaningful. They can tell they’re headed in the right direction because it follows the natural path of their career.

    Goal-setting leads to higher motivation, greater productivity, and increased collaboration. For the greatest impact, your company’s management should ensure that every team has their own shared goals that underscore personal objectives.

    Train People to Become Leaders

    Leaders know how to grow from their mistakes, and how to become motivated rather than defeated by their failures. These qualities are teachable, and everyone can benefit from leadership training, no matter what their position is in your organization’s hierarchy.

    In addition to setting meaningful goals, leadership training teaches employees how to be better communicators and collaborators. They become more confident in what they do and take greater pride in their actions. They’re also more comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback, because they learn to recognize its value in their own success.

    Having the right tools can help your company make work more meaningful for its employees. At Juno Journey, we offer personalized learning and development software that has everything your organization needs to create new opportunities for its steam. Get started today!

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