See how Trax, a cloud platform that manages and controls store activities, transformed its knowledge base to achieve employee and organizational success.

What they do


Trax’s mission is to advise brands and retailers on harnessing the power of digital technologies to deliver unparalleled shopping experiences. Trax’s clients gain the capability to optimize shoppers’ experiences as well as monitor and analyze insights.


Founded in






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How can we prioritize knowledge within company culture?

Trax emphasized their aim to obtain a unified knowledge base and establish a culture of knowledge sharing and learning.

Their desire to adopt a knowledge-centric approach to learning proves commitment to effectively connecting employees within the company.


One platform to fit all

Trax's knowledge base was previously scattered across multiple platforms and tools.

Unified solutions

Each team/department had its own solution for knowledge maintenance.

Knowledge documentation

There was no clear expectation or plan for knowledge documentation, relying on employees to save crucial information.


Centralized Knowledge Base

  • Allowing Trax to collect, maintain, and use a unified knowledge base.
  • Fostering seamless connectivity across the entire company.

Juno LMS

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Knowledge Sharing Community

Every employee is a contributor to the company’s knowledge base

  • Installing a vibrant culture of knowledge sharing, transforming Trax into a cohesive and collaborative community of knowledge.
  • Encouraging employees to recommend, share, and assign content to one another.

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