See how Kaltura, a cloud service focused on the delivery and storage of media, transformed their learning processes to drive employee and organizational success

What they do

Computer Software

With Kaltura’s tools, your company has the ability to power any video experience. Effective especially in uploading and creating content, Kaltura’s clients experience a 50% cost reduction as well as a 6x increase in client reach.

Founded in



New York, USA



20% decrease in time spent onboarding


How can we efficiently centralize our employees’ onboarding with Juno?

Kaltura emphasized their commitment to establishing a unified internal training process applicable to all employees, regardless of their department or role, while also tracking and monitoring their progress.


One platform to fit all

Struggled to align onboarding in a centralized location.

Tracking evolution progress

Inability to effectively monitor and evaluate the progress.


Effective Onboarding

  • Aligning all onboarding in one platform.
  • Creating onboarding journeys.
  • Combining all learning materials in one centralized space.
  • Monitoring employee learning to evaluate progress.
  • Decreasing the time to onboard employees

Juno LMS

Reach maximum productivity with a learning management system designed for engagement

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See how Juno LMS can transform your learning processes to drive employee
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