See how Flipp, a technology platform focused on online shopping savings and deals, transformed their learning processes to drive employee and organizational success

What they do

Technology Platform

Flipp is your “one-stop-shop marketplace for savings and deals”. Aiming to help shoppers find the best deals, the company offers an effective tool to help decide what and where to buy online.

Founded in



Toronto, Canada



Over 90% of employees felt that Juno Journey optimized their learning and development needs

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How can we efficiently track our employee’s personal development with Juno?

Flipp emphasized their goals were centered around creating a dynamic learning culture to support individualized growth, foster collaboration, and strengthen managerial involvement in employee development.


Track and administer learning budget requests

Difficulty keeping track of each employee’s personal budget and development needs.

Communication barriers

Struggle to motivate employees to share insights and recommendations.

Acknowledging team learning

Trouble acknowledging team learning especially in departments where this knowledge was not pivotal to their work.


Career Journeys

  • Providing a learning and growth budget on the platform, giving employees the financial resources to access personalized development opportunities.
  • Allowed individuals to learn new skills they are passionate about.

Juno LMS

Reach maximum productivity with a learning management system designed for engagement

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Cultivated a sharing community

  • Created Flipp Talks which enables the ability to share learning within their company.
  • Provides managers leverage in supporting their team members’ growth by giving them visibility to all learning within the company.
  • Allows insights that enables managers to recognize and reward team members who are putting in the work.
  • Centralized all learning in one place.

Juno LXP

The only cost-effective way to provide personalized professional development for your entire company

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See how Juno LMS can transform your learning processes to drive employee
growth and organizational success

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