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The building blocksof a strong people strategy


Our first impression to welcome new team members. Make it fun and engaging, so that they acclimate fast and successfully.


Make it easy for people to get the knowledge they need to succeed. Create automated role-based learning paths of professional trainings to ensure quick time to productivity.


Build a culture of learning and curiosity. Upskill & reskill your people with over 1M+ e-Learning courses from the top providers across the globe.


Support employees in meeting their career goals by surfacing internal mobility opportunities and designing the path that’ll get them there.

Tackle your company's learningchallenges with us

Juno LMS

User-friendly knowledge hub to create, store and distribute internal training material.

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Juno LXP

Consolidate all L&D expenses into one invoice and provide your people a rich catalog of e-learning material from the top providers across the globe.

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Juno Full-Suite

Holistic employee development platform which consolidates internal and external learning into one structured career pathway.

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Successfully growing their people

Works for every use case

Meaningful & Efficient Onboarding

  • Ready-Made Onboarding Templates
  • Assign Mentors & Buddies
  • Actionable Insights And Analytics