See how Spark Schools, a network of affordable private schools in South Africa, transformed their training processes to drive employee and organizational success

What they do

Higher Education

Spark Schools’ mission is to offer affordable competitive education and provide access to high-quality education for all. Spark Schools offers a personalized learning path for students to master goals and emotional skills.

Founded in



Johannesburg, South Africa



Spark Schools managed to reduce administrative overload, facilitate a knowledge sharing culture and automate their onboarding processes


How can we align company guidelines and improve knowledge sharing within Spark Schools?

Spark Schools emphasized their commitment to ensuring company guidelines and methods are preserved across different locations, making more data-driven decisions, and building a knowledge-sharing community.


Aligned growth

Rapidly expanding while ensuring uniform policies and training across different school locations and departments.

Seamless compliance

Ensuring compliance training is integrated easily.

Onboarding and tracking progess

Improving onboarding materials and using effective tracking to check progress.


Creating a centralized knowledge base

  • Using Juno’s Company Academy to provide employees and managers with direct access to the company knowledge and resources.
  • Facilitating a collaborative and information sharing culture across different school locations and departments.
  • Encouraging employees to create their own courses and share them with colleagues and managers.

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Automating an onboarding and training sequence

  • Upon hiring, employees are automatically submitted into a training sequence including onboarding, compliance, and other relevant training.
  • Using a structured approach to track progress and gather feedback.

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