See how Rapyd, a global fintech leader, transformed their learning processes to drive employee and organizational success

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Around the world, customers want to pay in a thousand different ways. Businesses and consumers want to get paid faster and developers want to build new products and possibilities. Rapyd makes it happen, giving you more ways than anyone to make fintech work for your business. With Rapyd, your business can accept and send payments to just about anyone—faster, cheaper, and easier. And Rapyd clients see an average of 196% return on investment and spend 70% less time managing payments.

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5 Stars

78% of Rapyd employees rated their Juno onboarding experience 5 stars


Effectively managed onboarding processes for over 400 employees across 10 sites during hypergrowth


engagement rate among Rapyd employees in the Money Talks professional training program


How can we create an impactful learning experience with Juno?

Rapyd emphasized their aim to create one aligned onboarding experience that would suit all employees in one easy-to-access space. Having this centralized space would enable learners to easily locate learning materials as and when they need in one shared space.

Desired to significantly reduce the administrative burden which was felt by the HR team, having to rapidly onboard hundreds of employees in a relatively short timeframe.


Efficient onboarding for productivity

Recognized that employees were not being onboarded efficiently to ensure that they became productive as quickly as possible.

Tracking training progress

Inability to track and monitor employees onboarding progress and information intake.

Onboarding overload during expansion

During a period of rapid expansion, HRs and managers dedicated substantial time to onboarding new employees at the expense of other important tasks.

Cross-site onboarding alignment

Difficulty aligning and overseeing onboarding and learning processes between departments and across all 10 sites where Rapyd is located.


Onboarding via Juno’s Learning Journeys

Onboard new employees in no-time

  • Built a seamless and organized structure for all onboarding processes to suit all employees from different teams and countries.
  • Employees and managers can now find all learning materials in one digital
    space, which they can refer back to throughout their professional development journey.
  • Monitor employees’ progress in their training, assess their understanding with quizzes, and track their productivity timeline in a single analytics center.

Juno LMS

Reach maximum productivity with a learning management system designed for engagement

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Juno Add-ons Driving Employee Engagement

Surveys and nudges driving engagement with learning materials

  • Stay in the loop about how employees are feeling about their onboarding processes using surveys; enabling them to constantly improve the process to suit all needs.
  • Use nudges to keep employees on track and notify them to complete or continue unfinished training processes.

Juno LXP

The only cost-effective way to provide personalized professional development for your entire company

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See how Juno LMS can transform your learning processes to drive employee
growth and organizational success

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