See how Prodware, a transformation enabler through IT business solutions, transformed their learning processes to drive employee and organizational success

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“Whether it is enabling ambitious cloud strategies, artificial intelligence driven decision-making solutions or more flexibility and agility delivered by modern business applications, Prodware, with more than 3 decades of expertise, is in a class of its own. With its powerful R&D component, unique expertise in industrialization of best practices and compelling partnerships, the Prodware Group is Microsoft’s leading partner in Europe.”

Founded in



Paris, France





of Prodware employees use Juno to upskill every month


different employee journeys were created across 15 different countries


How can we create a seamless learning experience with Juno?

Prodware emphasized their ambition to unite all of their teams, which are spread across 15 countries, into one centralized learning approach and space.

Their desire to adopt an employee-centric approach to learning proved they wanted the ability to effectively manage learning and development plans for all 1160 employees and tailor to specific skill-sets, gaps, and needs.


Tailored paths for professional growth

Recognized a lack of personalization in employees professional development paths and journeys.

Tracking progress

Inability to track and monitor employees progress across multiple different channels and difficulty overseeing onboarding and learning processes across all 15 countries where Prodware is located.

Automating tasks

HRs and managers were spending significant time on manual tasks which ate up a substantial amount of their time, recognizing the need to automate their processes.


Automated and smooth onboarding journey

  • Effortlessly pushing content to employees and tracking their progress all in one analytics hub.
  • Managers now have the comfort of locating all learning materials in one space, from which they can easily assign internal and external content to their teams.
  • Building automated and smooth onboarding journeys tailored to Prodware’s organizational needs.

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Learning Pathways via Channels

Cultivated learning and growth opportunities

  • Receiving personalized content recommendations.
  • Individually tailored development plans suiting specific positions and skill sets.
  • Grouping employees by department, country, and position by creating tailored channels to build organized and structured learning pathways.

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See how Juno LMS can transform your learning processes to drive employee
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