See how Optival, a tech innovator, transformed their learning processes to drive employee and organizational success

What they do

Information Technology and Services

Optival provides your company the tools to digitally compare product and services, while optimizing value for clients and users.

Founded in



Tel Aviv, Israel



Optival optimized administrative efficiency, fostered leadership perspective, and streamlined personal development budgets


How can we efficiently track our employee’s personal development with Juno?

Optival emphasized their aim to create a better way to manage and oversee employee development and budget spending.


Track employee development

Difficulty keeping track of each employee’s personal development and budget.

One platform to fit all

A ‘one-stop shop’ solution to manage all activities.


Leadership View and Employee Journey

  • All personal development sessions can be tracked in a customized Journey for each employee.
  • Both the manager and employee are able to access this journey, allowing them to keep connecting on a weekly basis and allowing new managers to view the employee’s existing journey.

Juno LMS

Reach maximum productivity with a learning management system designed for engagement

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Personal Development Budget Management

  • Employee’s personal development budget is now managed within the platform and each employee can create content requests. With Juno’s process of approvals and purchasing service, training is readily available for them at any moment.

Juno LXP

The only cost-effective way to provide personalized professional development for your entire company

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See how Juno LMS can transform your learning processes to drive employee
growth and organizational success

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