See how Kion, a cloud platform that manages and controls store activities, transformed their knowledge base to achieve employee and organizational success

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Kion “offers the only single-platform approach to cloud enablement for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, transcending cloud management and cloud governance by offering all three pillars necessary for total cloud control.”

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of Kion employees use Juno to upskill every month


ALL Kion employees now actively partake in the creation and editing of compliance courses


How can we create a seamless learning experience with Juno?

A one-stop-shop for all learning and development resources would mean that Kion employees could seamlessly create and share content with one another in a collaborative yet remote learning environment.


Compliance training

With high volumes of compliance training, Kion experienced bottlenecking, meaning all resources had to be approved by HR, considerably slowing down the content creation process.

Creating a sharing community

Moving towards becoming a fully remote company meant Kion looked for effective collaborative solutions to ensure their workforce shares valuable learning resources and insights with one another.

Streamlining employee development and saving time

Lack of autonomy for employees in paving their professional development journeys meant that a significant amount of time was wasted for both HRs and employees in curating this process.


Creating and editing compliance through Juno’s authoring tool

Continuous knowledge creation and collaboration

  • The ability of creating and editing compliance courses at any time in an iterative design process was incredibly important to HRs at Kion. This ensured rapid changes when feedback or company policies required adjustment.
  • Employees from across the world collectively building on one another’s learning and development processes in one platform, without the need for constant HR oversight.
  • The ease of consumption with Juno, enabling Kion to push compliance courses that are vital to the organization’s processes.

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Centralize Knowledge via Company Academy

Accessed a wide variety of courses, promoting knowledge sharing and development within the organization

  • Effortlessly collaborating and exchanging content within a remote learning environment.
  • Using nudges to keep employees on track and notify them to complete or continue unfinished training processes.
  • Emphasizing the importance of creating a culture of learning in their organization, ensuring employees can learn and create on an ongoing basis.

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