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    What Makes an LMS Great?

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    Ethan Israel
    December 14, 2022
    3 min read
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    Whether you’re onboarding or upskilling, your company can benefit from a good learning management system (LMS). An LMS helps you develop and distribute content, track progress, and ensure that every member of your team reaches their milestones within your budget.

    Online learning is easier to access than ever, and it’s a budget-friendly and time-saving way to train employees on the job. What’s more, an LMS puts all the most important data into one user-friendly dashboard. HR managers, team leads, supervisors, and anyone else who needs to track employee progress can easily do so with a few clicks.

    Before you decide on an LMS for your organization, we thought it would be helpful to round up what we believe are the most notable features. Juno Journey has all of these elements built into its LMS, so you can easily adopt it and help your company thrive.

    6 Features Every Good LMS Has

    1. Mobile Accessibility

    From remote teams to hybrid companies, everyone knows that mobile is a must for modern professionals. Being able to easily log on and access course material from anywhere on your smartphone makes learning easier and more convenient.

    If you’re on the administrative side, mobile accessibility means you always have important employee progress data right at your fingertips.

    2. Easy Integration to Your Training Materials

    Your company has worked hard to develop its training, and you don’t have to throw it away in favor of an online platform! The best LMS software makes it easy to digitize and connect your employees with all your preferred training resources and materials.

    3. Create Individual Learning Paths

    No two careers are the same, and we respect the journey each person takes within a company. That’s why we made Juno Journey LMS highly personable and bespoke to each person’s needs. HR professionals can easily craft unique learning paths that support every individual’s success.

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    4. Exemplary Customer Service

    The best LMS providers have a fantastic team of dedicated customer service reps who are always available to help you out. Whether it’s a technical problem or questions about how the LMS works, you deserve a company powered by passionate people.

    With a reliable customer service team, you can ensure success by reaching out for guidance whenever questions arise.

    5. Visual Analytics

    Sifting through employee data on a spreadsheet? No, thanks. LMS software should have engaging visualizations that make analytics easy. Instead of having to ask what something means, you know because it’s laid out in a simple UI that’s easy to understand and navigate.

    Juno Journey’s insights help companies gain valuable information about every employee’s journey, as well as the organization’s budget and performance. Our LMS platform offers real-time reporting that tracks and documents employees’ actions as they occur.

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    6. Instantly Generate High-value Reports

    No more hours lost sorting data and piecing together tidbits of information for stakeholders. With Juno Journey, you can create reports with a single click. Choose which metrics you want to include and develop customized reports that answer everyone’s questions.

    Progress-tracking is easier when you have detailed reports that align with your company’s goals.

    Using an LMS like Juno Journey, you can give employees the opportunities they deserve to grow with your business. Our software is built to make it easy for companies to create what works best for their teams.

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